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The first brushless and fully automatic bicycle wash system concept in Germany – now also for your business.

No operator required!
Be among the first to benefit from this new concept.


In Germany there are almost as many bicycles as inhabitants. You too can benefit from this target group and your needs. We offer various options to upgrade your business with a bike wash concept. Operate it yourself or provide us with a parking space. Increase the length of stay of your guests and customers. Increase your sales in an environmentally friendly way, because it is better to clean bikes in this revolutionary car wash than to pollute the environment at home.

Now is the time to get into a new business that shows promising growth.

Number of bicycles in Germany, including e-bikes - in millions

Source: ZIV, Zweirad-Industrie-Verband

Your own bikewash

The business concept

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best suited for
Car wash parks
Public buildings
Bike stations
Recreational facilities
Bike rentals
City centers
Specialist trade
Tourist destinations
Bicycle manufacturer

Our business concept is available in three frost-proof variants and can be set up efficiently, economically and environmentally friendly at different locations. It is deliberately designed to be portable so that it is not subject to any building permits in any federal state. However, a simplified approval procedure applies in public places.

Only a 230V power connection, a three-quarter inch water connection and a 50 DN waste water pipe are required for operation.

    • Environmentally harmless
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Summer and winter operation
    • Can be used as advertising space



Decide now for an innovative, future-oriented business concept.

Secure the pole position with the first modern bike wash at your location.

Three Business Concepts

Choose from these three proven concepts for your location

Optional for all concepts

Labelling: Your logo/name on the system

Promotional material: flyers, beach flags, posters, etc.

Tool Station: Provide tools for adjustments and small repairs

Website: A website with a recognizable bike wash look & feel

Advertising: Your advertising on our channels: websites, social media, etc.


Acquire a business concept and operate it yourself.

Hire purchase

Finance a business concept at a fair monthly fee.


Leasing of our concepts is also possible.


Provide us with a location and benefit from the higher customer frequency.

Who we are

TWS Hof GmbH

TWS Hof GmbH has more than 10 years of relevant experience, including in vehicle washing. As a manufacturer of sustainable cleaning and care products and operator of a commercial vehicle washing facility, we are very focused on the environment and sustainability. With our strong partners, we have been able to create the best conditions to combine our biodegradable and environmentally friendly cleaners with a bicycle wash system and thus develop lucrative concepts for different locations. Efficient cleaning with minimum consumption of valuable resources.

Business Experience


We have been operating a commercial vehicle wash for many years, which has established itself as the first address in the border triangle.


Professional users rely on our expertise as a manufacturer of cleaning products.


We also operate and sell innovative bicycle washing system concepts.
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Or Vision

We make the world we live in a little cleaner, not only by cleaning bikes, but also by offering cyclists of all ages a way to wash their bikes in an environmentally friendly way:

More environmentally friendly than hand washing at home.

We have developed this idea into a business concept that entrepreneurs and organizations can use to support this vision and even increase their sales.

There are currently 81 million bicycles in Germany, whose owners are attaching more and more importance to the care of their bikes. Join us in developing a target group that gratefully accepts the concept.

Together we create a win-win-win situation.


Wir haben es uns auf die Fahne geschrieben:

In zwei Jahren sind unsere E-Bike- und Fahrradwaschanlagen deutschlandweit verfügbar.


Our innovative bicycle washing system is the first in Germany that works without brushes and works fully automatically. Due to the low-pressure nozzles, it is particularly gentle and suitable for e-bikes. In principle, almost all types of bicycles can be washed without causing damage. This car wash forms the basis of our business concept, which we have optimized for customer service and profitability. We deliver the bicycle washing system in a frost-proof housing so that it can also be operated in the cold season. A vending machine that can be stocked as desired, e.g. with snacks, drinks or bicycle accessories, increases the quality of service. Another service is the e-bike charging station, which is operated by a photovoltaic system. The collectors also provide additional power for the entire facility, reducing your electricity bills and reducing the environmental footprint of the facility.